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Best Tasting Spirits Review for Dripping Springs Vodka

Dripping Springs vodka was created by brothers Gary and Kevin Kelleher.  It was introduced in 2007.  It is micro-distilled over 20 times in small 50 gallon batches in proprietary handmade copper pot stills with sweet Mid-Western non-GMO corn and pure mineral-rich artesian spring water.  It is then slow filtered through Swedish activated carbon before bottling at 80 proof. The aroma has notes of corn and vanilla with an alcohol backing.  In my mouth, the feel is soft and creamy.  The lush milky flavored entry is joined by subtle fresh corn building to a creamy natural vanilla peak.  It fades with a mild sting, a little heat, and a hint of charcoal taste on the silky finish.  This is a vodka smooth enough to sip on the rocks, with a flavor that will enhance, instead of distract from your favorite cocktail.



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Vodkaphiles Dripping Springs Vodka Reviews

I’m a veteran vodka drinker and a bartender at a resort in Texas. When I first tried Dripping Springs I was pleasantly surprised at the crystal clear taste and the long smooth finish. There’s a hint of sweetness and you can also taste a trace of the mineral-rich Texas Hill Country spring water that they use to hand craft this vodka. It’s micro-distilled 20 times in small proprietary copper stills and then filtered through charcoal. The best martini I’ve ever had! No vermouth needed.
Reviewer: Vicky Braden

Reviewer: Tom Servaux

I’m frankly not much of a vodka connoisseur although I can appreciate Grey Goose, Stoli, ketel one, etc. but they just don’t fit into my budget so I buy Taaka (cough). Recently, I read about Dripping Springs from a note on the shelf. I had to try it. I added no vermouth, no olive juice, no olives just shook it up with ice and poured it. I can see why it scooped the aforementioned vodka’s. I’ve been bragging about it ever since and now its my brand regardless of cost.
Reviewer: Robert W. Kerrigan




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Southern Distilling News Video – Dripping Springs Vodka Review

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BF World – George’s Rants & Raves: Dripping Springs Vodka

Vodka from Texas? Is there any place left on the planet where vodka is not distilled? When I think of Vodka, Poland and Russia rush to the forefront of my mind. Texas doesn’t even appear on the horizon. When I think of Texas I think of hot muggy days, wide open prairies, George W Bush, the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders, and fire ants – and not necessarily in that order. Lately, I have tried vodka from Iceland and Dayton, Ohio so I guess anything is possible.

There is definitely a movement a feet. That’s right, I meant to say feet not foot. It’s difficult to have movement with only one foot. Movement with one foot usually consists of move the foot, fall down. So what’s this movement? It’s the movement of vodka toward the affordable luxury category also known as bargain super premiums. Dripping Springs Vodka is an excellent case in point.


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Dripping Springs mention in LostInAustin – BEST AUSTIN DISTILLERIES

Dripping Springs Distilling’s award-winning vodka is what first put them on the map back in 2007 and 2008. Made in 50-gallon copper pot stills, their small-batch vodka is fresh and neutral, great on its own or in cocktails.

Gin was next on the agenda, which was soon winning its own award categories. The vodka and gin are still made onsite in Dripping Springs. But the distillery has now acquired several small-batch liquor brands like 1876 Bourbon, Republic Whiskey, and Paula’s Liqueur. Stop by their tasting room for seasonal cocktails or tastes of their vodkas, gins, and bourbons.


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Dripping Springs Mention in The Trillist – 9 Weekend Getaways to Escape Dallas for a Few Days

With so many great things to do in Dallas on any given weekend, you might wonder why you’d ever want to leave. The simple answer is this: Road trips are undeniably fun, and a quality road trip playlist makes the time fly by (which is important in Texas). Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure through a cypress forest, a day of wine sampling, or an entire town dedicated to smoked meats, there’s a weekend destination that’s sure to meet your needs. That said, “not too far” is especially relevant when traveling in Texas, so we’ve kept our roster of weekend getaways within a five-hour drive of Dallas. Here are the spots you need to mark on your map.


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Dripping Springs Sponsoring “Libations and Conversations”

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Mentioned in Culture Trip – The Best Distilleries to Visit in Texas

San Luis Spirits, the makers of Dripping Springs vodka and gin, is located in Dripping Springs, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country, and offers some of the best vodka and gin in the state. Dripping Springs Vodka and Texas Orange Vodka are micro-distilled 20 times in small 50-gallon batches, then mixed with pure, mineral-rich artesian spring water from the Texas Hill Country before a final clarifying filtration through Swedish-activated charcoal. The Texas Orange Vodka is made with hand-zested Texas oranges, and after the oranges are zested, the actual fruit is donated to the Austin Zoo. Dripping Springs Artisan and Traditional gins are made in small 40-gallon batches and incorporate citrus from the Texas Rio Grande Valley and southwestern flavors. The on-site tasting room is open six days a week, and specialty cocktails are available on Saturdays. Tours are offered Thursday through Saturday and include a tasting and souvenir shot glass. Tour tickets must be purchased in advance and attendants must be 21 and up.


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Peek inside the Houston Tastemaker Awards exclusive Tasting Totes

This year, the biggest party of the Houston food and beverage scene came right to your living room. CultureMap’s Tastemaker Awards — Virtual Edition brought all the delicious and innovative ideas from our city’s best chefs and bartenders straight to you, courtesy of Tasting Totes that were brimming with goodies.


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Dripping Springs Distillery Provides Meals to Families in Need

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — The school year is still not over but class is no longer in session, and that means many students who rely on school meals for food no longer have it.

  • With school districts shut down, many students are left without regular meals
  • School’s Out, Food’s In provides meals but hasn’t been able to obtain groceries
  • Treaty Oak Distilling has stepped in to fill the food void 

“Our goal is just to make sure that no kid in Dripping Springs goes without food for any reason,” says Mandi McNutt of School’s Out, Food’s In—or SOFI for short—a summer food assistance program.

“We currently feed 170 kids each week during the summer,” she continued.

As a result of COVID-19 shutting down districts their work started early.

“We don’t normally jump in throughout the year but this is an emergency situation so we’ve been scrambling a bit trying to figure out how to get kids fed in the midst of all of this,” said McNutt….


For Every Bottle Sold

We pledge to donate a portion of sales on all Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin sold this October through November to local food banks in Texas and Middle Tennessee. Give back and drink in good spirit with your favorite bottle of Dripping Springs. 


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Dripping Springs Distilling


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Groom’s Airstream

The Airstream is the ideal Groom’s/Groom’s party hangout. We have furnished it with comfy leather furniture, games and a bar accessories.

The Bride’s Retreat

500 sqft Pergola | 400 SQFT Terrace

The Bridal Party can relax, entertain and get ready in our beautiful Bridal House with a covered porch, living room, kitchenette and dressing room area (outfitted with multiple vanities and outlets for hair and makeup). The house is decorated with stylish lounge furniture both inside and out, perfect for Bridal photos. We stock complimentary water, coffee and mixers.


500 sqft Pergola | 400 SQFT Terrace

Overlooking The Grove, the Arbor Pergola is a perfect ceremony or intimate dining area (weather permitting) with local limestone tile floor and planted vines and pin lights. | 500sqft.

The Pergola can be combined with The Terrace to extend the available space. | Additional 400sqft

The Tasting Room

1500 sqft | capacity 100

Designed in the style of a contemporary Hill Country Ranch House, the main tasting area of our property is decorated in a blend of traditional materials like local limestone and contemporary fixtures and furnishings. Guests can relax on soft leather sofas and at copper topped or handmade timber tables. The entrance is through a 450sqft covered front porch. This versatile space has a fully equipped commercial kitchen and can be used to accommodate a number of different needs.


1000sqft | capacity 150

Located to the rear of the Bar, facing the Grove, The Patio is furnished in handmade timber tables and benches. This space can be used for a cocktail area or outdoor dining.


500 sqft

The Distiller’s Bar adjoins both the Hall and the Grove and has glass and steel doors.


2000 sqft | 200 ceremony seated

Set within a gorgeous live oak grove, The Grove is a flexible outdoor space with a purpose built stage and 60ft open area in front of the stage.


2400 sqft | 160 reception | 200 cocktail

Overlooking our beautifully lit live oak trees, our main event hall is a dramatic upscale contemporary barn space with 30ft high ceilings and large glass and steel windows and doors. The natural light and views are perfect for daytime weddings and our beautiful lighting also creates a truly magical evening.

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